Pet & Animal Policies

Welcome! We strive to help ensure mutual accountability and responsibility for the benefit of all our residents and tenants. It’s imperative that ALL our residents and tenants fully understand and acknowledge our pet and animal-related policies. This also includes residents and tenants that do not own a pet or animal. We require EVERYONE to complete a third-party screening and review process. This quick and easy process ensures we have your pet and animal-related policy acknowledgments, pet/animal history and records, and legal attestation of truthfulness and accuracy on file. To start, please select one of the three options below that best describes you:

  • No Pets or Animals

    This is a required application process for anyone that does NOT own a pet or animal. There is no cost ($) to you for completing the application process

  • Household Pets

    This is a required application process for anyone that owns a household pet. This includes dogs and cats and might include pets that live in cages such as birds, rabbits, or fish tanks (because of the contained water) so please ask your housing provider for clarification regarding these types of pets. Restrictions apply: no spiders, rodents, or snakes.

  • Assistance Animals

    This is a required review process for anyone with a non-obvious disability and disability-related need for an assistance animal. This process provides a HIPAA compliant and secure way of submitting a reasonable accommodation request for an assistance animal (service animals, emotional support animals, companion animals, etc.) that will be reviewed by a third-party legal review team to ensure the accommodation request meets HUD’s Fair Housing Act guidelines. There is no cost ($0) to you to submit an accommodation request. Please make sure you are aware of your State’s laws, if any, for submitting a fraudulent accommodation request

* NOTICE TO ALL RESIDENTS & APPLICANTS: Everyone must complete the screening process. This is not only for pet and animal owners but also for residents and applicants that DO NOT own a pet or animal.
Addenda and Documents
  • Resquest for Reasonable Accommodateion - Pet
  • Pet Application and Addendum
Pet & Animal Policy

Pet owners must complete this application and be approved by management prior to having a pet in the rental unit or on the premises. The resident must pay a one-time non-refundable pet deposit in the amount of $100.00 (one pet) and $150.00 (2 pets) and $200.00 (puppy under 1 year). The total number of pets is not to exceed 2. 

Pet Fee: In addition to the monthly rent, the resident must pay a monthly pet fee of $25.00 for dogs, $20.00 for cats. Current vaccination records & veterinary records showing the breed of the animal are required before the animal is permitted to be on the premises.  

Pet Requirements:

· Cats must be declawed and neutered/spayed 

· Dogs must be 30 lbs. or less full grown 

· No intimidating dogs may be allowed on the property

· All pets must be house broken 

· All pets must be current on all vaccinations and licenses. (updated annually). Proof of vaccination is required 

· Owners must submit photo of pet with application 

· The following pets are prohibited, but not limited to mice, gerbils, hamsters, rats, ferrets, lizards, iguanas, spiders, snakes are not permitted to occupy or visit a LFR Ohio Properties rental unit. Management has the discretion to deny a pet that they deem not suitable to apartment living. 

· Fish tanks must not exceed 25 gallons 


1. Pets shall not be kept, bred or used for any commercial purpose. Only the above referenced pets are allowed on the premises. All others are strictly prohibited.  

2. Pets must be confined to the pet owners’ unit and must not be allowed to roam free or be tethered. Pets must not be left unattended on patios or balconies if applies.  

3. Pets in transit are to be carried, restrained by leash, or placed in an animal carrier. Pets shall be exercised on leash, off the premises or in pet exercise areas specifically designated for their use (if applicable). Any tethers found on or around the premises will be removed and disposed of properly without notice to resident.  

4. Persons who walk pets are responsible for immediately cleaning up after their animals and discarding securely bagged pet waste in proper receptacles. Cat litter or any pet waste may not be disposed of in toilets and must be double bagged. 

5. All dogs must be taken outside to perform their business. Puppy pads are not permitted in any unit for any reason. 

6. Pet owners are responsible for any damages to the unit or common areas caused by their pets. Any damages caused by cleaning chemicals or other such materials used to remedy said damages is additionally the responsibility of the pet owner.  

7. No pet will be permitted to become a nuisance or create any unreasonable disturbance. Examples of nuisance behavior for the purposes of this paragraph are as follows:  

  a. Pets whose behavior causes personal injury or property damage.  

  b. Pets who make noise continuously and/or incessantly for a period of one hour or intermittently for four hours or more to the disturbance of any person at any time of day or night.  

  c. Pets in common areas who are not in complete physical control of a responsible human companion and on a hand-held leash of no more than ten feet in length or in a pet carrier.  

  d. Pets who relieve themselves on walls or floors of the rental unit or common areas. Pets who exhibit aggressive or other dangerous potentially dangerous behavior.  

  f. Pets who are unclean or infested with parasites.  

8. Notwithstanding any other provision herein, disabled individuals may keep service animals in their units and no pet deposit or fee will be assessed to the resident. Proof of vaccination is required. A pet caretaker must provide for the collection of the assistance animal’s waste collection, with the contact information of the pet care taker to be given to the rental office. Furthermore, nothing herein shall hinder full access to the unit and the common areas to individuals with disabilities or their assistance animals. All pet rules must be followed. Residents have the right to request a reasonable accommodation in writing to management. 

9. Feeding or otherwise caring for stray animals is prohibited. Stray or injured animals shall be reported to the local animal control authority for pick up.  

10. Pet sitting or visitation of pets of guests are not permitted on the property and is considered a lease violation. A $50 fine will be issued per violation. 

11. Pet owners and pet caregivers shall indemnify the landlord and hold harmless against loss or liability of any kind caused by their pets. 

12. Landlord may, from time to time, upon written notice to resident, make reasonable changed to the rules set forth in lease and this addendum. 

Enforcement and Remedies for Violation: 

Any resident or managing agent personnel observing an infraction of any of these rules shall discuss the infraction in a neighborly fashion with the pet owner in an effort to secure voluntary compliance. If the complaint is not resolved, it must be put in writing, signed and submitted to the Community Manager. If management agrees with such complaint, the pet owner will receive written notice of the violation.  

If upon the third violation notice the problem is still unresolved, arrangements will be made for the permanent removal of the pet by tenant. Failure to remove the pet will result in legal proceedings.  

At the landlord’s sole discretion, immediate removal may be made if the nature of the complaint involves personal injury or the imminent threat thereof. The landlord may require the permanent removal of any pet if such pet is determined by the landlord to be a nuisance or a danger to the apartment community and its residents.  

In addition, if, in the Landlord’s sole judgment, Tenant has abandoned the pet, left it for any extended period without food or water, failed to care for it if it is sick, or left it unattended in violation of the rules, then Landlord may, upon one day’s prior written notice left in a conspicuous place, and in accordance with the terms of the future Lease dealing with entry of the Premises, enter the Premises to remove the pet and turn the pet over to a humane society or local authority. Landlord shall not be liable for loss, harm, sickness, or death of the Pet unless due to Landlord’s negligence. Landlord has no lien on the pet for any purposes, but tenant shall pay for reasonable care and kenneling charges if the pet is removed in accordance with this paragraph. 

If so determined, the pet owner will have five days to remove the pet from the premises. The landlord also has the authority to assess and collect fines for violations of the rules pertaining to pet application/addendum to lease and to assess and collect amounts necessary to repair or replace damaged areas or objects. The fines are as follows:  

  a. A $50.00 clean up fee will be assessed to the rental account for failure to immediately pick up the animal’s fecal waste and dispose of it properly. This amount can increase at any time due to cost of inflation, habitual offenses, or severity if deemed necessary.  

  b. A $50.00 fine will be assessed to the rental account for failure to take dog outside or use of puppy pads and evidence is found in the unit during in spections of the unit by any staff member. This amount can increase at any time due to cost of inflation, habitual offenses, or severity if deemed necessary.  

  c. A $10.00 fine will be assessed to the rental account if owner fails to remove and properly disposed of pet waste and management is required to remove pet waste for due to unsanitary conditions that impacts the unit or premises. 

  d. A $50.00 fine will be assessed to the to the rental account if pets are left unattended outside and must be detained and returned to the home. 

Cleaning and Repair: 

Tenant shall be jointly and severally liable for the entire amount of all damages caused by the Pet. If any items cannot be satisfactorily cleaned or repaired, Tenant must pay for complete replace of such item(s) beyond the current security deposit paid for the Pet. 

Deodorizing uponmove-out:

After Tenant vacates the Premises, if Landlord determines that it is necessary in its sole discretion, Landlord will shampoo the carpet and may de-flea and/or deoderize the carpet, or replace if servere damage is caused in the Premises to protect future residents from possible health hazards, and Tenant shall pay Landlord for such services as charged by cleaning or extermination company.